Chicago Bears: 3 scenarios on how to handle the NFL trade deadline

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The Chicago Bears should do a combo of buy/sell if they split the next two games

If the Chicago Bears find themselves splitting the next two games and are sitting at 3-3 on the season, then Ryan Pace could be a wild card at the trade deadline. We already saw the team make a move for a punt/kick returner in Jakeem Grant. These types of moves could still happen at this point — a non-superstar who can help the team now and in the future, but does not cost too much. At the same time, Ryan Pace should look to bring in some draft capital.

At this point, Allen Robinson has not been a huge participant in the Chicago Bears offense. He could be and honestly should be a player Ryan Pace sells at the trade deadline. Robinson is not going to be back in 2022 unless the Bears franchise tag him again (they shouldn’t). Trading Robinson could bring back an offensive lineman who has shown great potential along with a late-round pick. He could also bring back just a higher draft pick (say second-rounder).

After moving up to acquire Justin Fields and Teven Jenkins in the 2021 NFL Draft, we know that the team could use a few more draft picks next year. In this scenario, I would not look to move Akiem Hicks unless for a significant return. He still brings major value to the defense when healthy. Danny Trevathan could be a trade piece though, along with Jimmy Graham. These players have proven themselves worthy of still playing, are not helping Chicago and could help another team.

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No matter which of these three scenarios may play out, Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears should be active players at the trade deadline. They have options to sell and could be in a position to buy. Pace and the front office just need to be smart about everything. I’ll be looking at specific trade scenarios throughout the next couple of weeks. Who are some players you’d like to see traded out of Chicago? Who are some assets you’d like to see the team target?