Chicago Bears: 5 Hot takes on Matt Nagy, Darnell Mooney and more

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Chicago Bears Hot Take No. 4: Try to trade Andy Dalton instead of Nick Foles

The Bears spent most of the offseason and preseason shopping their third-string quarterback to no avail. There is usually value in having a quality backup with starting experience, but having two like the Bears would with Dalton and Foles makes little sense from a personnel and cap space perspective. The Bears are giving 6.6 million dollars and a roster spot to a player that, barring a complete catastrophe, won’t play.

Could Andy Dalton attract more offers?

The market for backup quarterbacks isn’t too big, but there are usually a handful of teams looking for one due to either injuries or lack of depth. Dalton probably fits the mold of a desirable backup more than Foles does just because he has been a more consistent player and has a more controlled playstyle. Foles is famously erratic and that is probably why there isn’t much of a market for him. Teams want facilitators more than playmakers when it comes to backups and that’s part of the reason the Bears couldn’t get any buyers on Foles.

With the recent news of the Bears naming Justin Fields as the full-time starter, there is no need to have two capable backups, and the Bears should try to trade whichever one is easier to get rid of. Dalton’s current health may currently hurt his stock, but if there is anything offer out there, I don’t see why the Bears wouldn’t seriously look into it.

Bottom line:

The Bears signed Andy Dalton to be the starter, and now he is no longer in the starter role. I’m not sure how much value he provides for the Bears as a backup over Nick Foles. If a starting quarterback goes down before the deadline, Dalton could be dealt.