Chicago Bears: 3 reasons to trade Andy Dalton before deadline

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1. The Chicago Bears should trade Andy Dalton because Nick Foles isn’t going anywhere

Remember back to training camp and preseason when there were talks that the Bears should trade Nick Foles? The Bears front office seemed pretty adamant that they would not move Foles if he didn’t want to be moved.

From that report, it sounded as though Foles would prefer to stay in Chicago at this point. That makes sense, considering he’s had to move his family quite a few times in the past three or four years.

With that said, Foles is a capable backup quarterback. He’s proven to be that. He won’t be the reason the Bears win, but he also won’t be a big reason they lose. Foles is an NFL backup at this point, therefore the Bears should be comfortable with him as their number two.

Trading Dalton would open up a roster spot, too, which could be very important going forward. The team has seen movement at running back lately with David Montgomery’s injury, as well as moves made such as bringing in Jakeem Grant. Having one more roster spot to work with would help the Bears feel less pressure, one way or another, in addressing the running back or return positions.