Chicago Bears: 3 reasons to trade Andy Dalton before deadline

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3. The Chicago Bears should trade Andy Dalton because there are quarterback-needy teams

Looking at the quarterback landscape of the NFL currently, there are teams that could use Dalton’s services.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans may never admit it, but Ben Roethlisberger is toast. He’s done. They need to find their next quarterback — or at least a bandaid for this season. Dalton might just be a slight upgrade. Would he be the guy who puts the Steelers over the top? Who knows.

Dalton might not even start in Pittsburgh. If anything, he could be the one thing Roethlisberger needs to light one more fire beneath him. This Steelers team is a great football team as a whole. They’re a little banged up on offense, but when healthy, they have a ton of playmakers.

The defense is great. All they’re missing is solid quarterback play. Maybe, just maybe, bringing in Dalton would give Roethlisberger a little bit of a push.

Another team that may need a quarterback is the Houston Texans. Depending on how much longer Tyrod Taylor is out, and if they trade Deshaun Watson, the Texans could look for help.

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Regardless of which team, the fact is, there are probably some teams that would entertain the idea of trading for Dalton — and Ryan Pace has to do his homework, here.