Chicago Bears: Would you make either of these proposed trades?

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The Chicago Bears are sitting 2-2 on the season and in no place to be buying or selling — at least not yet. Recently I discussed three trade scenarios that Ryan Pace must follow as the 2021 NFL trade deadline approaches. The deadline is November 2, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. EST.  This is less than a month away and we have already seen a couple of trades take place.

Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears were involved with one of them when they sent an undisclosed 2023 draft pick to the Miami Dolphins for Jakeem Grant. This is not much of a name, but Grant is expected to make an immediate on special teams. The bigger-named trade involved Stephon Gilmore. As the New England Patriots were in the process of waiving Gilmore, a deal was struck with the Carolina Panthers instead. Moves are not finished yet and teams will be making moves.

Should the Chicago Bears make either or both of these potential trades?

It does not really matter if true, but this is the time when plenty of speculation and fan interjection takes place. Everyone wants to see the big trades take place — somehow similar to what we see in the NBA most years. These trades are not as prevalent in the NFL, but with changes to how contracts are drawn up, we have seen more and more of these bigger trades take place.

Recently, Bleacher Report came out with a list of big potential trades that could still happen after getting excitedly giddy over the Gilmore trade news. Could the Chicago Bears be next when it comes to superstar names on the move? Well, two trades were presented by Bleacher Report, the question is, would you make either of them if you were Ryan Pace? Maybe the better question would be, does either trade make this team better, and is it worth the effort?