Chicago Bears: Would you make either of these proposed trades?

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Chicago Bears move on from Allen Robinson but land a young WR with upside

On paper, this trade looks absolutely awful. It’s like when you send garbage trade offers to all your fantasy football foes and one of them accidentally hits the accept button. However, in this league, there is no “taksies backsies” unless collusion can be proven, and well, accidents happen and the consequences of those accidents must be upheld.

Honestly, I doubt this trade happens for a couple of reasons. One, I don’t see the Philadelphia Eagles wanting to make a move of this caliber when the player they are receiving in return is technically a rental player. No offense Eagles fans, but that team is no better off than the Chicago Bears are right now. Jalen Hurts does need more weapons, but is Robinson the answer? He wants $20-plus million per season.

Looking at their current salary cap, they have the money to take on Allen Robinson’s franchise tag salary, but fast-forwarding to 2022 and the team would need to get creative with roughly only $24 million in cap space available.

All of that said, if I am the Chicago Bears and Ryan Pace, I am all over this trade option. This gets rid of Allen Robinson — a player who is clearly not in the Bears future plans — while bringing in a potential weapon in return. Jalen Reagor is a former first-round pick (21st overall) from 2020. That’s right, this is only his second season and he dealt with injuries last year that only allowed him to play in 11 games. Not to mention, Robinson has looked replaceable this season.

I was a fan of Reagor coming out of TCU last season. He was a receiver I would have loved to see land with the Chicago Bears, even though I knew it was never going to happen. Reagor is already showing improvement this year with his 70% catch rate. He would have more opportunities here in Chicago with Allen Robinson gone too. He brings even more speed to the team too with his 4.47 speed. This would be a swap that could benefit both teams and I couldn’t care less where Robinson goes at this point as long as Pace gets something in return.