5 Best NFL prop bets for Chicago Bears at Las Vegas Raiders

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Justin Fields under 30.5 passing attempts

This one just seems too easy. Justin Fields has 37 pass attempts in two games for the Chicago Bears. That is 18.5 attempts per game. To see him going over here would mean 12 more attempts per game than he has shown so far this season.

Justin Fields is a rookie and it is clear the Bears coaches are looking to protect him. They are going run-heavy, and beyond that, Fields holds onto the ball and takes sacks, or has the ability to scramble and run rather than pass. It limits the overall number of passes, even if the Bears skew pass-heavy.

The Bears could be trailing to the Raiders, but even then, Fields had 20 attempts against Cleveland while trailing by 20. Beyond that, if the game is close, or the Bears have a lead, they will be running the ball heavily to protect. We saw that as they sat on a halftime lead on Sunday against Detroit.

This over/under feels like it should be much closer to 25.5. At that point, you could argue Fields having a career-high in a higher scoring game as he is unlocked more. Still, 26 attempts is plausible, 31 seems far too high.