Chicago Bears: 3 Winners from Week 5 vs. Raiders

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears played a great game in Las Vegas, and while it was not a pretty win, it was one the team needed and should be proud of themselves for. They came out and controlled the game from the start and just looked better than the Raiders throughout the whole game. Credit to the players and coaches for stepping up with a lot of major injuries and question marks coming into this week.

The Chicago Bears gave a gritty effort and came out of Vegas with a big win.

Week 5 Winner No. 1: Matt Nagy

Here is a major shoutout to Head Coach Matt Nagy. After two weeks of his job being called to be taken away, he has really stepped up his game. By giving up play-calling it has allowed him to focus on the other major aspects of being a head coach, such as preparation and game planning outside of what plays are being called.

On most nights, the Bears look like the team that is at a disadvantage when it comes to coaching. I find myself thinking about how undisciplined the team usually looks compared to their opponent. Against the Raiders, though, the Bears looked prepared, disciplined, and focused, way more than the Raiders did. That credit goes to Matt Nagy as well as the rest of the Bears staff.

Obviously, I do not think Matt Nagy earned himself an extension after his efforts this week, but he does come away as a winner. If he can prepare the team this way every week and put it on the players to go out there and execute a well-prepared game plan, then he surely could stick around as the head coach. Unfortunately, I think it is too little too late for him and while it would be great to see him operate this way every week, I just don’t think he can be that consistent.

Whatever people have to say about Matt Nagy is a little less important this week as he showed great poise as the head coach this week. The Bears have not had a week where they looked this well-coached in a long time, and hopefully, it is a sign of things to come. It has not always been pretty, but the Bears are 3-2 and have some great momentum going for their matchup against the Packers after a great week from Matt Nagy.