3 unheralded Chicago Bears who stepped up to beat Raiders

Chicago Bears - Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears victory over the Las Vegas Raiders was a team win. From start to finish they relied on the entire group to get it done. The group win featured performances from lesser know players who needed to step up when called upon. These players made sure there was no drop-off in play and even stepped up to make a key play to win the game.

3. Khalil Herbert

When David Montgomery was put on the IR there were plenty of thoughts that Damien Williams would take over as the lead man. However, the Bears drafted Khalil Herbert with the idea that they wanted depth behind Monty, and not just one back to ride.

Herbert got chances early and looked great. All of a sudden it lead to chances late, and he kept running. By the end of the game Herbert had out-snapped, out carried, and out rushed Damien Williams. 34 to 31 in snaps, 18 to 16 in carries, and 75 to 64 in yards all went the way of Herbert.

The Bears may not have a new starting running back, but it is great to know they can ride both backs and trust the hot hand. The performance of Herbert put the team over the top and gave them plenty of confidence in him moving forward.