Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 5

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Chicago Bears Disappointing Player No. 2: Justin Fields…’s spin move

Let me start this out by saying that Justin Fields might be the toughest player that’s put on the navy and orange in quite some time.

The fact that this man can get just about killed on the field and still come out to ball is something I will be absolutely thankful for until his career is over in 60 years. However, Mr. Fields, I have a bone to pick with you.

Please stop using the spin move

It’s a move that’s resulted in two nationally televised kill-shots, both of which he returned from and did great in. However, that’s not the point.

When Fields does this spin move, there are far more negative possible outcomes than positive.

Positive: He breaks the tackle and keeps running.

Negative: His ribs get smashed; he fumbles the ball backward and somehow recovers it; he turns his back to the person ready to hit him hard; etc.

Yes, the spin looks cooler than all hell when it works, but the “when” is an important aspect of that statement. Yeah, it’s super cool when it works, but all of Chicago just about lost their marbles when the positive didn’t happen.

Now, I think Fields learned after that play, yet he’s a quarterback that plays off instinct. I think he’s smart enough to know that he should stop doing that, yet, I think he’s also an instinctive player that lets his body take over in a play like that.

It’s just going to be something that likely takes time to build muscle memory on. That being said, Justin Fields himself was absolutely not a disappointment. In fact, his presence is what I believe helps the run game do what it did in this game.

Fields being in gives the illusion that it could be a pass or run no matter the offensive formation; however, with different quarterbacks on the current Bears roster, that’s not necessarily the case.

With two Chicago Bears under the belt, who’s the third and final disappointing Chicago Bear of Week 5?