3 trends that continued with Bill Lazor calling Chicago Bears plays

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Do not look now, but the Chicago Bears are 2-0 with Bill Lazor calling plays. It may be less about Lazor calling plays and more about Matt Nagy stepping into a head coach role and seeing the game away from his play sheet.

Last week we noted that the Bears offense did not look similar against Detroit as it did the rest of the year. Some of these changes continued into week two, showing that it very well may be a part of the plan moving forward. Which changes are becoming staples?

Multiple Tight End Usage

This was always surprising, considering the tone and decisions made in the offseason. The Chicago Bears have two, if not three, capable tight ends, but we hardly saw that through three weeks. The past two weeks have been a dramatic difference, though.

In the first three weeks, the Bears ran two-tight end sets just 16% of the time. Then, in the past two games, that number shot up to 28%. That is precisely where they should be.

Last year the Bears ran 19% two tight ends, but 24% after the bye when they went on their late-season run. We wrote that 29% should be a goal for the team. To see them right at 28% in two weeks is reassuring and shows that this was their preseason plan; it just took a new play-caller to get to it. Perhaps this frees up Nagy to get more personnel involved?