How the Chicago Bears rookies performed against the Raiders

Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears quarterback and nose guard

The Chicago Bears win. Was it even a question? The Chicago Bears are a better team than the Las Vegas Raiders. Talent talks. Only Adam Jahns in the media world seemed to have faith that the Chicago Bears could take down the Raiders. It seems Matt Nagy might be adding his wrinkles to play-calling, though, but you aren’t here for all of that. The Chicago Bears rookies dominated the snap count on offense. Khyiris Tonga with Eddie Goldman back, was on the field for a season-low 7%. The standard rotation on the defensive line caused enough chaos for the Raiders to hold Josh Jacobs to 48 yards rushing and sacked Derek Carr three more times. Tonga was on the ground a lot when he was asked to make a stop. However, he did not have time to get situated with the limited snaps.

The Chicago Bears starting quarterback continues to grow. Some sound concerned about Justin Fields because he isn’t playing like a rookie-of-the-year candidate. I need to share two things about Justin Fields. No excuses, Justin Fields is not Mac Jones. I have always tried to take a quarterbacks college career and hope that they mimic what they did in college to the NFL. Justin Fields was a 68% passer in college that used his deep accuracy when needed while having a solid running game to his rear. Mac Jones was a 74% passer in college who used his short passing to improve his deep-ball accuracy. Secondly, Justin Fields is fast, yet he didn’t achieve 1000 yards rushing in three years combined in college. Sure, Fields didn’t have a complete season, but he isn’t that type of runners like Lamar Jackson or Deshaun Watson.

Try not to get upset when you see that a rookie Justin Fields wasn’t why the team won the game. Fields will sometimes be this year, and I feel that he will become that guy in my bones. Fields has completed 60% of his passes during his last two games and should only improve going forward. While his 5.5 yards per attempt is a massive drop-off from his 12 yards per attempt against the Lions, his learning curve is still on an upward trajectory. Fields Showed more than toughness as he battled another failed spin injury and knee hyperextension. Justin Fields has shown he can lead the Chicago Bears to victory with his arm and his brain.