How the Chicago Bears rookies performed against the Raiders

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Khalil Mack loves Trevis Gipson

This article covers the Chicago Bears rookies, but a rookie player can only do so much. What players learn from their rookie season a put into year two is the value. That is when a player starts to show who they plan to become. I also want to talk up Ryan Pace as much as I can. Let’s start with the cream of the crop, Trevis Gipson. Gipson’s usage has been up and down over the first four weeks, but he has added a sack to his name in the last two games. Khalil Mack must have felt like Gipson was his baby brother because, during that Raiders game, Mack celebrated harder than any other player when Gipson got his second sack this season. It is likely realistic to expect Gipson to stay on pace for six to eight sacks, but Mack certainly seems to hope that it will come true.

Kindle Vildor’s coverage has been hit and miss, but his tackling might be the best in the secondary. Take that with a grain of salt; it’s the Chicago Bears’ secondary tackling. Vildor is tied for eighth on the team in solo tackles. However, those are his numbers. If you look at the film, Vildor does a good job most of the time breaking down and wrapping up the defender’s legs. What I have liked from Vildor is his willingness to come downhill against the running backs. Vildor is the opposite of Eddie Jackson. It makes you wonder what he could do as a safety. Vildor has a lot to improve with his coverage, but he is putting effort into the fundamentals. Without fundamentals, you get plays like the Rams wide-open receiver or Detriots wide-open receiver or running backs barely putting effort into breaking tackles to find the endzone.

Yeah, I am taking my shots at Eddie Jackson today. I have faith in him, and I need better. Lastly, Jaylon Johnson proves that if the Chicago Bears drafted him first and Cole Kmet second, they would have more respect from the Chicago Bear fans. Better yet, how about Jaylon Johnson and Jeremy Chinn or my guy Chase Claypool. Anywho, Johnson has been proving he can be a number one cornerback on the Chicago Bears. The Raiders didn’t target whoever Johnson was covering much this past weekend. Teams seem to be stirring clear of Johnson. Johnson’s playstyle isn’t that of Kyle Fuller but more of Prince Amukamara. So Johnson might not pop in the news much because he will press and try and blanket the receiver until the pass rush gets home.

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The Chicago Bears young core is set. We have to be patient with Justin Fields while he learns NFL defense to torch them like he did Wisconsin. Speaking of Wisconsin and torches. I think it’s time that Aaron Rodgers passes the NFC North torch this weekend to Justin Fields. Why not? It’s not like Rodgers will be a Packer next season; what better game to do it than this Sunday at Soldier Field.