The Chicago Bears should not sign this recently released starting corner

Chicago Bears - Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears have a weakness at the cornerback spot. That said, the position has looked much better since Duke Shelley returned to the active roster. Not to mention, the front seven has been dominating the line of scrimmage this season. The Bears currently lead the NFL with 18 sacks. Robert Quinn has shockingly been leading the way. His performance this year is what we expected last season. Khalil Mack is obviously doing well too with his team-leading five sacks.

Teams should always be looking to improve though. One team’s trash could be another team’s fortune. The Seattle Seahawks recently released their former starting cornerback, Tre Flowers. Flowers will hit the waiver wire, and Ryan Pace should not look to claim him.

The Chicago Bears should not be interested in claiming Tre Flowers off waivers

Flowers was a former fifth-round draft pick from the 2018 NFL Draft. He played his college ball at Oklahoma St. and has done well for himself since being drafted by the Seahawks. In his rookie season, Tre Flowers started 15 games for Seattle. He followed that up by starting the following season too. He struggled and missed some time due to COVID in 2020. Throughout his career, he only has three interceptions — all from the 2019 season.

In fact, the 2019 season was Flowers’ only good season from an advanced stats perspective. That season he was targeted 101 times, but only allowed 60.4% of them to be completed. He also only gave up one touchdown that year and held quarterbacks to a 72.5 QB rating. In 2018, Flowers was not as good, but also not completely horrible either. He was targeted 90 times that year, allowing 63.3 percent of his targets to be completed. His problem that year was giving up four touchdowns.

Over the last two years, Tre Flowers has really started to struggle. He is a larger corner compared to most on the Chicago Bears roster at 6’3″ and 203 pounds. The problem is, size is not always everything. While starting seven games and playing in 12 for the Seahawks last year, Tre Flowers was targeted 71 times. He allowed 55, or 77.5%, of those passes to be completed. He also gave up one touchdown and quarterbacks benefited from a 105.7 QB rating while attacking him.

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This season has not been any better. In fact, it’s been worse. Flowers has started three of the five games for Seattle. He was targeted 17 times thus far, allowing 76.5% of them to be completed. He also let up a touchdown and quarterbacks are seeing a 132.0 QB rating. This is not to say that Shelley has been all that better, I just don’t see the point in bringing in a player like Flowers. The team should be looking to find legit help and not just more of the same.