3 depth Chicago Bears who must step up vs Packers

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The Chicago Bears record against the Green Bay Packers has not been pretty in recent years. The Bears need a whole team effort on Sunday to knock off their division rivals. Justin Fields has a chance to be the quarterback who changes the narrative around these teams, but he cannot do it alone.

That includes enormous performances by three players that the Bears did not think would be leaning on at this stage of the season.

3. Angelo Blackson

Akiem Hicks appears unlikely to play for the second straight game. In past years, Hicks used to be a light for the Bears’ defense, and the second he left, the switch flipped, and things got dark. Once he came back, he lit up the room, and the run defense was good again.

The Bears noticed the on/off splits with Hicks and added depth to their line, specifically Angelo Blackson. Blackson was called upon for a more significant role Sunday with the loss of Hicks, and the Bears’ defense excelled against the run.

It was the first time in the past three years that the unit did not ultimately suffer without Hicks. Still, Hicks will be out again, and while the Raiders rank 28th in adjusted line yards, the Packers rank 15th.

So, the Packers are not an elite line, but a certain step up, and when you add in Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon, you know they will test the Bears upfront. A second straight big game from Blackson could make a huge difference.