Chicago Bears Rumors: 5 teams that should trade for Allen Robinson

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The San Francisco 49ers should trade for Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson

One of the players who would benefit most from an Allen Robinson trade is rookie quarterback Trey Lance. So far, his performance as the team’s starting quarterback has been very up and down.

As a runner, Lance looks phenomenal. As a passer, though, it’s been a bit ugly. Fortunately, he has a guy like Deebo Samuel who leads the NFL in yards after the catch. Samuel might be the best slot receiver in the NFL right now, but he can’t do it all.

The 49ers also have Brandon Aiyuk, who is another excellent receiver in terms of yards after the catch. But, San Francisco could use a big play veteran like Allen Robinson. They could use that even-keeled veteran who takes the pressure off the other guys so that Samuel and Aiyuk might get even more space to work with.

San Francisco is yet another one of those teams whose defense should be very good when everyone is healthy. If they can get a rhythm going defensively, and add Robinson, they might make a lot of noise over the second half of the season.