What Robert Quinn restructure means for Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears reportedly restructured the contract of Robert Quinn. Reports say that the Bears were able to create $3.5M in cap space this year with the move. The move did not make waves, but their certainly are ripple effects. What is worth noting from this decision?

Robert Quinn is here to stay

Some fans thought that the Chicago Bears would be sharp to trade Robert Quinn this season. He is playing as well as ever, his cap hit is big, and with Trevis Gipson emerging, the team has other needs on the roster.

However, the restructure ensures that Quinn will be here for the rest of the season, 2022 and even perhaps 2023. By clearing the $3.5M all they are doing is moving this to later years. So, the penalty for cutting Quinn next season would increase by a million or so on top of the $9.3 million dead cap hit he already has. The Bears would now be up over $10M in dead cap on Quinn, and would likely only be saving $5M or less. Beyond that, his dead cap hit would remain in 2023.

In 2023 there is still a chance the Bears eat some cap to move on, but this move ensure Quinn stays for this year and next.

Does Ryan Pace have more security with Chicago Bears than we think?

The Chicago Bears needed money this year, no one can deny that. However, for Pace to shift money from this years cap to next year has to say something, right? The owner has always been on the side of Pace, and while the media can speculate his seat is hot, that has never came from up top.

If Pace were on the hot seat it may be hard to convince an owner to move cap space into the future, when a potential new GM would be stuck with it. In the case of Quinn, this is all dead cap too, so there is nothing they can do with this. Pace is moving this cap to win now and may not be worried about the future, but it could be him trying to wiggle around this cap space next year.

Did Chicago Bears do this to make a move?

This is hard to say. The answer is probably yes, but not a move that fans will be clamoring for. This is not a shut down corner, or elite starting tackle. Rather, it gives the team money to fill the roster with depth.

The Bears entered today 31st in the NFL in cap space. They could not sign a UDFA off of the streets, let alone a name fans know.

With injuries to Germain Ifedi and Damien Williams heading to the COVID list, the team is in a hole for some depth. Freeing $3 million means a million dollar running back and a million dollar swing tackle in most cases. They are not splash moves, but depth is needed, and the Bears arguably could not have signed anyone in their current start.

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So, the move speaks to the future of Quinn, it possibly hints at the Ryan Pace status, and does tell us that the Bears will be on the phones today to work out a few players.