Week 6 Game Preview: Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

Chicago Bears (Dan Powers/Appleton Post-Crescent via USA TODAY NETWORK)
Chicago Bears (Dan Powers/Appleton Post-Crescent via USA TODAY NETWORK) /
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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How the Chicago Bears must use Justin Fields vs the Packers

A win is within their reach if they run successfully. However, the best way for them to win is to compliment their run game with chunk passing plays. Justin Fields has shown he can be accurate deep with his strong arm and the ability to put just the right amount of arc on the ball to get it to his targets downfield.

The Bears offense has their own precise balancing act they need to get just right. They need to find the sweet spot for when and how often Justin is under center versus in the shotgun. They also need to find the right balance for when Fields throws from the pocket and when they move around his launch point.

They are probably better off not setting up any planned runs for him. Instead, they should simply roll him out any number of times and if taking off as the play unfolds if running is the best move, then he should have at it.