Chicago Bears: What Allen Robinson’s slow start means for his future

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Giving Allen Robinson an extension would be cheaper in 2022

One of the main reasons the Bears couldn’t get a deal done with Robinson in the 2021 offseason was the money he commanded. Robinson and his agent wanted top dollar for his position, but it will be harder to keep that stance if Robinson continues to underperform this year. Even though Robinson’s production doesn’t quite match up as well with the elites of the league, many believed it was his quarterback situation that held him back rather than his talent. This would be a more complex argument to make now, and unless Robinson’s production jumps in the second half of the season, he won’t be able to get anywhere near the money he wanted. The Bears may have enough money to extend Robinson if they’re going to.

Robinson’s market around the league has dropped too

As mentioned earlier, Robinson’s perceived value didn’t just drop for the Bears, it did for everyone in the league, and if he was demanding a more reasonable contract, it might be challenging for the Bears to bring him back. At this point, I’m not sure if Robinson truly wants to come back to Chicago and may look to explore other options. A cheaper Allen Robinson could help bring him back to Chicago, but it could make it easier for him to leave.

There are three reasonable options for what the Bears could do with Allen Robinson going forward.