Chicago Bears: What Allen Robinson’s slow start means for his future

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Final thoughts

I’ve never been too optimistic on the Bears’ chances of extending Allen Robinson; I just think both sides are in entirely different places. Robinson is a player in his prime who is approaching 30, while the Bears are a team with a young offense centered around Justin Fields. Fields have also been more comfortable throwing to Darnell Mooney in big spots this year. Maybe Fields will develop a better connection with Robinson as the season goes on, but there is also a chance that Fields prefers Darnell Mooney as his go-to receiver, and if that’s the case, it is probably better for both sides to part ways.

Allen Robinson deserves a lot of credit. He came to Chicago in hopes of helping Mitchell Trubisky reach his pre-draft hype and instead had to deal with the instability and incompetence of the Bears’ offense. Whether it was Trubisky, Foles, or Daniel, Robinson was stuck catching passes from a quarterback that just wasn’t very good and still managed to put up numbers year after year.

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As much as we should appreciate Robinson for what he’s endured, we also may need to accept the fact that his day in Chicago could be numbered.