These 3 trades would help the Chicago Bears make a 2021 playoff push

Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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For the Chicago Bears fans hoping the team cashes it in, focuses primarily on Justin Fields’ development and looks ahead at future coaching candidates, those thoughts will have to wait.

While, on one hand, it makes sense to look toward future seasons, that’s just not how this game is played.

Some Bears players may be out on head coach Matt Nagy. Others might stay bought in. The reality is, the majority of pro football players want to win. They want to play competitively, and that’s exactly what the Bears will try to keep doing despite how limiting their head coach can be.

Going into this next leg of the season the Bears have to get better. For one, they must get better internally. Nagy has to figure out his offense and play calling, one way or another — or it will cost him his job. But, this team should also focus on getting better from the outside.

There are a few trades the Chicago Bears could make in order to prepare themselves for a playoff run.

It might sound crazy, but this Bears team is good enough in a lot of areas to compete for a playoff spot. When healthy, their run game is one of the best in the league behind David Montgomery.

The Bears defense is also one of the better units in the league, thanks to their front seven. It certainly has its weaknesses, which will be addressed in a bit, but as a whole, Chicago’s defense has not been the most concerning area.

The NFL trade deadline passes on November 2 this year, and general manager Ryan Pace should do his best to make one or two moves. This is not only in the Bears’ best interest (making the playoffs), but in Pace’s best interest as well.

If the Bears wanted to explore some deals to improve this roster right now, these trades would make an instant impact.