Chicago Bears: 10 random thoughts heading into Week 7 vs the Bucs

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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We are heading into Week 7 of the NFL season. The Chicago Bears have played 35 percent of this season’s games and find themselves 3-3 on the year. This middle-of-the-pack nonsense has been Matt Nagy’s Achilles heel the last two seasons. Why should this season be any different? Is Nagy the new Jeff Fisher?

If we look at the Bears’ upcoming schedule, it is not going to be easy. This week, the team will have a repeat matchup of their Week 5 win over the Bucs in 2020. That win meant a lot to many fans and the team itself. It was a big win and helped the Bears make the Wild Card round of the playoffs last year.

This was also the game that Tom Brady miscounted his downs and thought fourth down was really third down. Well, Brady and the Bucs got the last laugh by winning the Super Bowl — something that feels lightyears away for the Bears.

If you are looking forward to a repeat performance by the Bears, think again. The only thing going for this team right now is the pressure the defense has been bringing to opposing quarterbacks. Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn are leading the way as the Bears have the most sacks in the NFL. Hitting Tom Brady often is the only way to beat him. That said, the Bucs are 5-1 this season for a reason and look to make another run at a Super Bowl.

Now, many things have happened regarding the Chicago Bears over the last year. We have seen Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace on the chopping block — or so we thought — to only be given another opportunity to try and prove themselves in 2021. We have seen the changing of the guard from Mitch Trubisky to Justin Fields — with some Nick Foles and Andy Dalton along for the ride. We have come full circle back to the fact that at least Matt Nagy seems to be back on the hot seat.

Well, as we get ready to watch our beloved Chicago Bears take on the defending Super Bowl champions, let’s get a rundown of some random thoughts surrounding this team at this point in the season.