Chicago Bears: 10 random thoughts heading into Week 7 vs the Bucs

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears schedule looks to be impossible to overcome

As I mentioned already, the Chicago Bears have played 35 percent of the current season. They find themselves sitting at .500 and will likely need to win 10 games in order to make the playoffs. There’s a chance they get in at 9-8, but I wouldn’t count on it. Here is a look at their upcoming schedule that looks nearly impossible to overcome for a playoff run:

@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The chances the Bears win this game is very, very slim

vs. San Francisco 49ers

This game is winnable, but not a guarantee

@ Pittsburgh Steelers

Very similar to the 49ers matchup, winnable but hard to picture a win

vs. Baltimore Ravens

Like the Bucs game, this is a loss

@ Detroit Lions

We better hope the Bears can sweep the Lions this year

vs. Arizona Cardinals

One of the best teams in the NFL, chalk it up as a loss

@ Green Bay Packers

We have already seen this play out and it was not pretty

vs Minnesota Vikings

This will be one of two late matchups that will really matter. Hate saying this, but the Vikings are the better 3-3 team.

@ Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson should be back for this one, so just another L in the loss column for Chicago

vs New York Giants

Definitely, a winnable game and a must-win if they want any chance at the playoffs

@ Minnesota Vikings

Will this game matter within the NFC North or an NFC Wild Card run? Doubt it.

As you can see, the schedule is very tough. Guaranteed losses include the Buccaneers, Ravens, and Cardinals. We can throw in another loss to the Packers too. That already puts the team at seven losses in the season. Games this team should not lose include the Lions (again) and the Giants. I would think they split the two games with the Vikings. This puts them at eight losses now.

Now, if the Bears have any chance at the playoffs, then they will have to beat the Seahawks, Steelers and 49ers. Good luck guaranteeing that happens.