Chicago Bears: 10 random thoughts heading into Week 7 vs the Bucs

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Justin Fields is going to be a great NFL quarterback for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears finally found a great quarterback. I don’t care what his stats say. Some people will look at his horrid completion percentage. Others will look at the number of sacks he has taken. Just look at Benjamin Allbright’s Twitter account and you will see him talk about how Justin Fields only has three touchdowns, but also three interceptions.

Stat watching doesn’t do anyone any good. Fields may have as many interceptions over his first two and a half games as he did his entire sophomore season at Ohio State. The thing is, none of it matters. The key right now is for Justin Fields to continue to see NFL reps. The problem is, quarterbacking the Chicago Bears with Matt Nagy’s offense does not do Justin Fields any good.

I am not looking for some elaborate scheme. All I want to see is an offense that is able to do the simple things. I want a fundamentally sound offense that can actually run a screen pass. I’d love to see an offense that can efficiently move the ball up and down the field on a consistent basis. I do not believe I am asking for too much here. I want to see plays that help Fields as he grows, these would be rollouts that cut the field in half and routes that do not always take so long to develop.

Some might say that this is on Justin Fields. Let me tell you, it is not. I am a Mitch Trubisky fan and still think he was given a poor reputation here in Chicago. Now, others are finally seeing Matt Nagy’s offense as the real problem.

The thing is, Fields has done plenty to prove that he’s going to be a better quarterback than Trubisky in this league. The number of explosive plays we have seen from him has me very excited about his future as long as Matt Nagy is no longer the coach.