3 Chicago Bears who dominated Bucs last year

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One of the few shining moments from the Chicago Bears 2020 season was their victory of the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers. Fans will remember that Tom Brady held up four fingers after fourth down, but how much else do you really remember from that game?

After looking back into the win, it was clear that three players stood apart from the rest and brought this game home. It is fair to say all three will need similar performances to win on Sunday. Who were the three stars of the Bears win?

Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson had ten catches on 15 targets for 90 yards. To put that into perspective, if you combine the Packers and Raiders game, you see Robinson with eight catches on 12 targets for 84 yards. Yes, his game against the Bucs was better than his past two combined.

The Bears need a classic Robinson game, and he has not delivered anything close this season. Sunday maybe his time. To start, the Bucs shut down the run, and no one even tried them.

This was the case last year when the Bears threw it 41 times to 14 rushes. Justin Fields career-high in attempts is 27, and it came last week, but it is fair to assume he will beat that mark again on Sunday.

Beyond that, Robinson worked on Carlton Davis most of the game. Davis is the Bucs best cornerback and is not expected to play this time around. This leaves names such as Ross Cockrell to defend Robinson.

So, Robinson performed against a better version of this defense last year and should see the highest volume of the season. Could Robinson bounce back right in time?

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