Four Chicago Bears who will return the most trade value before trade deadline

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Ryan Pace
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The 2021 NFL trade deadline is quickly approaching. Teams must finalize their deals by 4:00 pm EST on November 2, 2021. That gives Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears approximately 10 days to make a move (or more).

If I had to guess, Ryan Pace is not considering making many, if any trades. The team already made a move for Jakeem Grant and that means that they truly felt like they could compete this season. At 3-3, they still have a very good shot, however, they also are more likely to be 3-4 after Week 7 than getting back over .500. After most likely losing to the Buccaneers this Sunday, the team could easily lose in Week 8 to the 49ers.

In fact, if they are being honest with themselves (no team ever truly is), then they already know that the chances of them winning enough games to make the playoffs is very small. The only positive here for most Chicago Bears fans is that should mean the departure of Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. However, we all thought that was happening at the end of 2021 and both seem to be pretty secure in their roles.

Will Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears make any additional moves?

If one were to go, I would think both need to go. That’s just my opinion on the matter. Ryan Pace is directly linked to Matt Nagy now and vice versa. Everyone thought it was  Mitch Trubisky problem, but clearly, it is this offense that does not work.

Now, the two questions will be, is Ryan Pace going to be handcuffed by Ted Phillips and George McCaskey because he might be fired, and either way, is Ryan Pace going to make moves to benefit the future or only 2021?

Whether he wants to make a move for 2021 or decides to make a move for the future, these four players are likely to bring back the most return in a trade.