Four Chicago Bears who will return the most trade value before trade deadline

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Andy Dalton
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The Chicago Bears could look to trade Andy Dalton

There are plenty of teams that are dealing with injuries to their starting quarterbacks. Russell Wilson is going to be out for a while and maybe Geno Smith is not the answer. The Washington Football Team could use some help at quarterback. They are rumored to be part of a three-way trade with Miami and Houston that would send Tua Tagovailoa. If that trade doesn’t work out, maybe they’d be interested in Andy Dalton instead.

The Chicago Bears have made it clear that they are going to be sticking with Justin Fields going forward. I’m sure Andy Dalton would prefer to be playing rather than standing on the sidelines. There are a small number of teams that could use some help at quarterback and Dalton could be the help they need. He’s not going to dominate football games, but he can step in and handle most offenses.

We also have two games left before the trade deadline and who knows what injuries may occur. Whenever a team needs a quarterback though, the return is usually in the favor of the team giving up the quarterback. Dalton was not able to show much this season playing only a game and less than a half. He looked solid before his knee injury versus the Bengals in Week 2 though.