Four Chicago Bears who will return the most trade value before trade deadline

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Other teams must call the Chicago Bears about an Allen Robinson trade

The Chicago Bears have another player in the final year of his contract who should be on the trade block. Well, technically he is playing on the franchise tag. I doubt the Bears are going to bring Allen Robinson back in 2022 at this point. The relationship seems too estranged now and the team should not use the tag on him again.

As we can see this season, if Allen Robinson does not receive enough targets, he does not do enough on the stat sheet. He has not been able to extend plays throughout his time here in Chicago. He is more of a high-point, contested-catch type of receiver.

Over the last two years, Robinson saw 150+ targets and was a top-10 wide receiver statistically. This year, he is on pace to see less than 100 targets over a 16-game span and only 102 because of the extra regular-season game. With the huge decrease in targets, Robinson is only on pace for 663 yards and three touchdowns. Other teams that use a more pass-happy offense would love to have Robinson on their roster though.

Could a team pushing for the playoffs look to add him as a half-season rental player? Maybe they even look to add him long-term since he is only 28 years old. The New Orleans Saints come timed as an option here despite only being 2-3 on the year. Other teams that could use his help include the Las Vegas Raiders, Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts.

At this point, the Bears would be lucky to receive a third-rounder for Robinson. If I am Ryan Pace, I’d gladly take a third-rounder for Robinson if I knew he was not going to be on the roster in 2022.