Chicago Bears: Would you make this trade with the Denver Broncos?

Chicago Bears Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

There are trade rumors floating around that the Denver Broncos are going to try and trade former Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller before the trade deadline. This is mostly to do with the fact that Fuller has lost his starting spot to rookie corner, Patrick Suratin, II.

No one knows what Denver is wanting in return for Fuller, but there are a few rumors that they would look to move Fuller for some help at linebacker. Well, this of course has led to many bringing up a swap of Kyle Fuller for former Denver Broncos inside linebacker Danny Trevathan.

The problem here is that Danny Trevathan’s 2021 salary only has $3 million in base salary compared to Kyle Fuller who has a $9 million base salary. If we look at how far we are into the season already, that means Trevathan is still due roughly $1.9 million, whereas Fuller is due roughly $5.8 million.

Chicago does not have the cap space to take that on without making another move. Maybe they finally cut Jimmy Graham? Doubtful. The other option is maybe they can convince the Broncos to take on some of Fuller’s salary by sending a late-round pick to pair with the move. It seems there are more question marks on how this trade could take place, but it definitely is possible. However, what is the point since Fuller is not in their future plans?

Would you want the Chicago Bears to make this trade?

The Chicago Bears have solid inside linebacker depth, but do they need help at corner? Is Kyle Fuller the answer at corner even if they do need help?

Well, Fuller has not had the best year in Denver. He’s already lost his starting spot and while playing he has allowed 62.5% of the balls thrown his way to be completed. Fuller has been targeted 32 times while playing in Denver and allowed 20 completions — two of them for touchdowns. Quarterbacks are seeing a QB rating of 116.0 while throwing the ball at Fuller. This is the main reason why Patrick Surtain, II has surpassed him in playing time.

Many look at Kindle Vildor and think he’s playing well enough that a trade for Kyle Fuller isn’t warranted. Well, it depends on how you look at things. From an advanced stat perspective, Vildor is actually worse than Fuller. He’s allowing 78.3% of his targets to be completed and quarterbacks have seen a 153.7 QB rating (nearly perfect) while throwing in Vildor’s direction. However, these stats are slightly misleading when comparing them to Fuller.

Vildor has only been targeted 23 times — nine fewer times than Fuller despite playing 384 snaps compared to Fuller’s 245. Even though Vildor has allowed 78.3% of his targets to be completed, he must be doing a solid job locking down his opponent to limit his targets that drastically. If he’s not allowing the receivers to be open often, then he’s doing a better job than his numbers show.

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In my opinion, making this move only makes sense if Sean Desai believes Fuller can perform better here than he has in Denver and he has a plan on how to use him along with Vildor. Would a shift to the CB3 role help Fuller? All I know is that he has to be better than the likes of Marqui Christian and Xavier Crawford. I’m not opposed to a reunion, but at this point, I’d prefer they look elsewhere for corner help.