Chicago Bears: Will the franchise make history with Matt Nagy this year?

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Will the Chicago Bears make franchise history by firing a Matt Nagy midseason?

This brings me to the main point. With how horrible the team has looked lately, will the Chicago Bears finally make a change to their head coach before the season ends? The answer is sadly no. As of right now, the Bears are still within a half a game of the playoffs. The McCaskeys see this and that’s all they see. For some reason, they refuse to see the team in the same light (or darkness) that we do. It has been this way for a long time now.

Although Matt Nagy may not be fired today or tomorrow, is it possible they finally decide to make a change if the team finds itself eliminated from the playoffs in four or five weeks? The Bears will face the San Francisco 49ers next. A loss to them would put the team at 3-5 on the year. The schedule does not get any easier. Over the final nine games, the Bears will play the Ravens, Cardinals, Vikings (x2) Packers and Seahawks. Russell Wilson should be healthy for that game.

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At no point in Chicago Bears’ history has the team fired a coach before the end of the season. Is it possible that Matt Nagy will be the first? If I were the McCaskeys (no, they will not sell the team or fire themselves, so just leave that alone), then Matt Nagy would not have been back for the 2021 season. Unfortunately, if the organization wasn’t going to fire Marc Trestman before the end of the year, I do not foresee them moving on from Nagy before the end of the season either.