Will Chicago Bears mistakes become habits for Justin Fields?

Chicago Bears (Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports) /

Let me be clear, I do not think that Justin Fields has crossed the line yet, or gotten close. However, it may be time to talk about. That line is what the Chicago Bears were worried about when they noted that they wanted Justin Fields to sit in the first place. The line is the difference between a rookie quarterback getting experience to learn from mistakes in game action, and a rookie quarterback developing bad habits because he is not ready for NFL game experience.

That is a fine line to walk, and it is why every year there are intense debates over what each team should do with their rookie quarterback. Some will say that the coaches put you in spots to fail, but Justin Herbert thrived with Anthony Lynn. Andy Reid was patient with Patrick Mahomes. It is always different no matter what.

So, fans wanted Justin Fields to start with the idea that he would get valuable reps within the speed of the game. This is something you cannot get on the bench, and even with an inept offense, the flight or fight response has to kick in, and we get to learn about Fields.

The issue is that now that Fields is struggling, it is easy to blame the coaching staff, but Fields is struggling himself. He is not making fast reads, he is holding the ball out to get knocked away, and he is extending plays that may need to end. He leads the league in sacks, and now the turnovers are starting to pile on.

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So, if the coaching staff is not going to help him, and his flight or fight response is leading to issues, is there a case to pull the plug at some point? Is there a point where you fear that instincts are becoming habits? Or, is it still better for him take his lumps, even if the entire offense will different next season.

The issue is just like starting a quarterback there is no clear answer.