What is next for the Chicago Bears?

Chicago Bears (Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports) /

This Chicago Bears season hasn’t felt any different than the last few seasons, a rollercoaster of a ride to be pretty accurate. A revolving circle keeps surfacing what it’s like being a fan of having anything to do with the Bears. This season has similarities to the past two 8-8 seasons, making following this organization even more frustrating. They beat up on teams that are below average, which gives hope, but they are unable to beat playoff contending teams.

What are the next steps for the team

As the Bears get ready to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I’m sure fans and people of the football world have no absolute clarity of what to make for the remaining season. There aren’t many opportunities for the Bears to beat up on below-average teams. Six out of the next seven games for Chicago include groups that currently have winning records.

With playing these winning teams, it seems our offense stalls and cannot effectively move the football. Playcalling with Matt Nagy has been an issue, as well as personnel issues staying healthy and whether we have enough explosive players. This team is in a unique position; some of it is ready to win now and willing to play for the playoffs, while other parts of the group seem undeveloped and not prepared whatsoever.

Moving forward, the most important result that needs to be seen is the development of Justin Fields. He is our future and franchise guy. The only thing that is hard to wrap my head around is that the rest of this team has a question mark hovering over them. We do not know how long the offense of Matt Nagy will stick around for, which most likely means a relearning for Fields in years to come. He has offense pieces whose contracts are soon coming up.

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In all reality, this defense can’t stay young forever, and you can’t keep paying underperforming and injured players. For the rest of the season, I don’t expect much winning besides Detroit one more time. In the best-case scenario, this offense takes significant steps forward. As long as Chicago stays relevant with the rest of the league and doesn’t fall too far behind the win-loss ratio, this team will always have a mixed view of the direction this team is supposed to be heading.