Biggest difference between David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert

Chicago Bears - Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports /

Khalil Herbert has been able to step right into the Chicago Bears lineup, and it looks like they have not lost David Montgomery at all. When you look at Herbert and Montgomery and see similar production it is easy to think they are the same back, but they are different in how they run.

When looking at yards before contact, and yards after contact you can see that they are nothing alike.

This season Herbert has averaged 3.9 yards before contact, and 0.9 yards after contact. Meanwhile, Montgomery is averaging 2 yards before contact and 2.1 yards after for his career, while sitting at 1.9 before and 2.6 after this season.

Considering the line has not changed at all, and Herbert has faced both easy and hard run defenses in his short stay, it is fascinating that he averages 2 more yards before contact than Montgomery.

On the exact flip, you see that Herbert averages 1.5 yards per carry less after contact. They are completely different runners.

It may speak to the idea that Herbert is nicknamed Juice, and returned kicks because he can hit the gas and explode. That means when holes are there for a split second he is in them. With David Montgomery, it is much more of a slow burn. He weaves, jukes, and makes calculated steps.

Montgomery does not have the burst that Herbert does to hit holes like that, but he still finds ways to find similar success.

So, the realization is that this could be a dynamic one-two punch as the team moves forward. Montgomery would obviously be the thunder which would make Herbert the lightning. The only issue is that neither excels in the passing game, but overall, the contrast in styles could be a nice compliment.

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Herbert will surely continue to be the hot hand against San Francisco but that does leave the rest of the year to be determined based on the health status of Herbert.