Chicago Bears: Revisiting the four moves necessary to start winning again

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The Chicago Bears must remove Ted Phillips from his current role

This brings us to the elephant in the room. That’s right, Ted Phillips needs to go too. As I stated almost a year ago if the McCaskeys like Ted Phillips that much that they don’t want to fire him, then keep him on the business side of things. Many NFL teams today have a business operations side and a football operations side of their organizations — the Bears need to find a way to join the current century and appoint a President of Football Operations.

There are plenty of talented options that would be better than Phillips. The team needs someone in the position who can hold the general manager accountable. Would Olin Kreutz be interested because he has been on point with this team for the most part for the last few seasons? Peyton Manning is also someone that has been rumored to want a front office gig. I’m not sure how serious he is about that with all the celebrity-type events he does (commercials, MNF, etc.).

Last season I took a look into a few possible replacements for Phillips. The candidates I suggested included names like Chris Shea of the Chiefs, Omar Khan of the Steelers, Anthony “Champ” Kelly of the Bears (Assistant Director of Player Personnel), and Pat Moriarty of the Ravens. Honestly, anyone with a football background would be better than the bean counter who is currently team President of the Bears. I think Phillips can stay, just not touch the football side.

As the team is looking to make a splash and purchase the former Arlington International Racecourse property in Arlington Heights, it would be the perfect time to make further moves to look like a competent NFL franchise and create a new position for a football-minded operator. This is the time to do it. Let’s go McCaskey family.