Chicago Bears: Revisiting the four moves necessary to start winning again

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George McCaskey needs to stop following history that does not work

When I wrote about the four decisions that George McCaskey had to make last year, I included that he had to take a hard look at himself in the mirror and essentially fire himself. That may be slightly extreme. As much as I’d love to see new owners just for the sake of change, I know that the McCaskey family is not going to sell any time soon.

Instead, I just want him and his family to admit that they need to stop living in the past. The NFL is not a game of defense any longer. I mean, defense is important, but if your offense cannot score 24 or more points consistently, then the defensive side of the ball means squat. Too long I have heard just how great the Bears running backs are and how great the defense is. This franchise is stuck living in a time that reflects the 1980s and prior, in hopes to rebuild the Papa Bear Halas way.

The problem is, the 80s was the turning point for the NFL when passing attacks started to become more prevalent. As the years went by, the passing game became more and more important, but the Chicago Bears could not keep up. George McCaskey must embrace the change. It appears that the team is doing this, but it just has not worked out.

They brought in a more analytical general manager in Ryan Pace (has been hit and miss). They brought in Matt Nagy as an up-and-coming offensive guru (it just didn’t work out). They used two first-round draft picks on quarterbacks. Mitch Trubisky was unable to last here in Chicago, but the jury is still out on Justin Fields. Now, they are looking to finally own their own stadium after building a state-of-the-art training facility at Halas Hall. It may not seem like it, but they are making some of the right moves. They just need to continue.