4 Players the Chicago Bears should trade before the trade deadline

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Nick Foles
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Chicago Bears should trade Nick Foles, QB

This is more of a desperate move than anything. The Bears clearly made a mistake listening to Matt Nagy and bringing his quarterback, Nick Foles, onto this team. They need to cut their losses, get him off the team, and save the money down the line. I’d even eat the contract if it meant accumulating more draft picks.

Foles was brought in as Nagy’s guy to push Mitch Trubisky last offseason. He did that for a bit showing an incredible win against the Atlanta Falcons, but outside of that, he was much worse than Trubisky. He eventually just became a high-end backup, which he still is. Now though, the Bears have Justin Fields as the starter and a high-end backup in Andy Dalton. This makes Foles expendable and pointless.

The Bears would be lucky to even get a sixth-round pick for Foles, but the Bears have done work with a sixth-round pick before (see Khalil Herbert). Pace needs to find a team in desperate need of a backup quarterback in case their starter gets hurt.

Some teams that come to mind are the Cincinnati Bengals or Indianapolis Colts. There aren’t a lot of teams that need a backup right now, but you never know. A team could get an injury and easily get desperate like the Dallas Cowboys or the Tennessee Titans. Regardless, the Bears need the solve the problem regarding Foles.