Chicago Bears: Hot takes on Justin Fields, Matt Nagy, and the trade deadline

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Chicago Bears Hot Take: 2022 should be David Montgomery’s final season as a Bear

Should 2022 be David Montgomery’s final season with the Bears?

It wasn’t too long ago the Bears had a promising young running back by the name of Jordan Howard. Howard made a pro bowl and finished second in the league in rushing yards and a rookie, and it seemed like the Bears had found their replacement for Matt Forte. Fast forward two years later, and Chicago flipped him for a sixth-round pick and draft David Montgomery, and although he has proven to be a worthy pick, he may face a similar fate to his predecessor.

Running backs don’t age well 

Of any of the major positions, running backs tend to have the earliest and shortest peak. This is why it makes little financial sense to keep them long-term. Good running backs become significantly more expensive after their rookie deals, but their production doesn’t typically improve; in fact, it’s often the opposite. The decision to cut ties with David Montgomery after next season wouldn’t be due to skill; it’s the position he plays that creates issues.

Ryan Pace did a good job of trading Jordan Howard once his rookie deal came close to expiring and picked up a rookie running back who has developed into one of the better players at his position. Pace realized that although Howard was a good player, his production could be replaced by a younger, cheaper player. I’d imagine that Pace, or whoever the Bears general manager will be in 2022, will come to a similar conclusion.

Bottom line

I like Montgomery a lot, but the Bears shouldn’t be too attached to him here, as there will be options to replace him in upcoming drafts.