Chicago Bears: Hot takes on Justin Fields, Matt Nagy, and the trade deadline

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Chicago Bears Hot take: Only Justin Fields should be off-limits in trade talks

Should the Bears be looking for trades possibilities for most of their roster?

As of Right now, the Bears should be sellers. They are 3-4 and will likely be hiring a new coach after this season. There are a lot of unknowns about this team’s future and, therefore, many players. The other thing we know is that the NFL trade deadline is more times than not underwhelming.

This isn’t the NBA or MLB where we see teams completely rebuild their rosters; there are usually a handful of solid players who get moved, and that’s about all. Even if the Bears should be willing to sell big, I don’t know if there will be many buyers?

Who could the Bears trade?

Realistically, the Bears would be looking to move fairly productive veteran players. The team doesn’t have many picks in this upcoming draft and would love to have some more mid-round picks to make up for the upcoming first-round pick they traded away in last year’s draft.

Allen Robinson is one that comes to mind, but I believe his return wouldn’t be as much as fans expect. He will be 29 at the start of next season and has made it clear he wants big money. Anyone who trades for him will likely be viewed at a rental, and I’m not sure if getting six games of this version of Allen Robinson is really worth much to many teams.

As far as other positions go, I just don’t see much of a market. The Bears aren’t trading Jaylon Johnson or Roquan Smith, and Khalil Mack would be really hard to move with his contract, and the Bears would probably need a first-round pick in return to even consider an offer. The Bears are a mess right now, and the rest of the league has noticed. There aren’t many teams I foresee wanting to give up valuable assets at the deadline.

Bottom line 

The Bears should be sellers, but they also need to find buyers. The core group of guys that the Bears seem focused on keeping long-term are Justin Fields, Darnell Mooney, Teven Jenkins, Roquan Smith, and Jaylon Johnson. Everyone else’s future is largely unknown. Big changes could be coming to Halas Hall, but they probably won’t happen by November second.