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Chicago Bears Hot take: Eddie Jackson’s demise has been extremely exaggerated

Has Eddie Jackson become underrated?

I’ve criticized Eddie Jackson multiple times during the season, so it’s only fair I give some attention to the other side of things. Although Jackson hasn’t lived up to the expectations many fans hoped this year; there are many who believe he has still been a solid player in the secondary.

The first thing I’d say is everything is relative to expectations. People have been so disappointed with Eddie Jackson this season because many were hopeful that a change at defensive coordinator would get him back to being the ballhawk he was early in his career. Jackson by no means has been the worst player on the defense; he has just drawn criticism because fans expect far more from him than the average player.

Eddie Jackson has just been another guy on defense

I’ve never said that Jackson was a straight-up terrible football player; I’ve just pointed out that when you are one of the highest-paid players at your position, you have to perform on game day. Jackson’s performance this season would be fine if he was just another safety, but he signed a four-year 58 million dollar extension back in 2020.

Jackson needs to be a leader on the field, and it’s hard to say Jackson has been that. He has been a solid player in the run game and has been fine on the few times he’s rushed the passer, but that isn’t nearly enough to meet the demands of his lucrative contract.

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Bottom line

I don’t think Eddie Jackson has become underrated or over-criticized. When you are one of the highest-paid players on the team, you get held to a higher standard. Eddie Jackson has the ability, but the production hasn’t been there since 2018.