Chicago Bears Fantasy Football: Lineup decisions vs. the 49ers

Chicago Bears - Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears host the San Fransisco 49ers this Sunday, with the question at hand being “which Bears players can I actually play in fantasy football?”. The 49ers currently give up 21.4 fantasy points to QB’s (7th most), 24 points to RB’s (16th most), 35.8 points to WR’s (21st most) and 8.7 points to TE’s (26th most). Below are some recent stats and fantasy information for relevant Chicago Bears players, with a final suggestion on what to do with them if you have them for fantasy football.

**Points referenced are for PPR (points per reception) fantasy leagues**+

What should you do with your Chicago Bears in fantasy football this week?

Justin Fields (QB): 

Justin Fields is currently the QB33 for fantasy football, meaning guys like fellow rookie Davis Mills and backup Jacoby Brissett have scored more points. Fields has averaged 7.23 fantasy points this season, and to paint the picture there were 22 QBs last week that scored above that mark. This means in 10 or 12 team fantasy football leagues, there is next to no reason right now to roster him in redraft (season-long) leagues.

Fields’ highest scoring week was 13.26 fantasy points. The one sign for some optimism is his attempts are increased across the last three games (20-27-32) which means the coaching staff is allowing him to throw more. Regardless of that, cut fields if you own him in your standard 1QB fantasy leagues with so many players performing better.

Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney (WRs):

Allen Robinson is one of fantasy football’s biggest busts this year. He was being drafted as a top-12 wide receiver for fantasy but currently is the WR59, averaging 7.7 fantasy points per game. Robinson’s season-high outing is 10.4 fantasy points, which is not good either. His connection with Fields is in question as his targets range anywhere from three to seven in the last four games.

Mooney on the other hand will have his first game projected for more points than Allen Robinson. The sophomore is projected to achieve 10.1 points, while the veteran is only projected for 9.7 points on the ESPN fantasy app.

Across the last four games, Mooney has had two decent performances with 18.5 and 16.5 fantasy points, but then 6.5 and 5.9 as well. Mooney has that big-play ability, but now we are at the point where you have to depend on Mooney to hit one to have a FLEX-worthy week. No signs of consistency here for the WR position, and these guys simply have burned you too often so my suggestion is to bench both, do not cut yet but stash on your benches until we see a true change in this offense.

Khalil Herbert (RB): 

With 18+ touches (rushing attempts + catches) over the last three games, Khalil Herbert is coming off of a 23-touch game vs. Tampa Bay where he out-snapped Damien Williams 51 to 10. The last two games for Herbert have resulted in 19.2 and 18.3 fantasy points, which makes him the RB8 across the last two weeks.

This has been impressive due to just playing a Buccaneers’ defense that is in the bottom-10 for fantasy points allowed to RBs. His rushing yards increased each week (7-75-97-100) and he was used more in the passing game with five catches last week. Herbert looks like a true workhorse RB right now, and the hand is hot so to make things simple: must-start fantasy player until something drastic changes.

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Cole Kmet (TE): 

I will start by saying that Cole Kmet continues to show signs of becoming a potential fantasy football asset at the TE position, especially seeing his targets climb the last three games (4-5-6). His fantasy points have also climbed slowly the last three as well (4.2-8.9-9.3). Right now Kmet is the TE27 though, which means again in leagues with 10 or 12 teams where most people only roster one or two TEs there is no need to roster him.

There are currently 19 TEs projected more for this week on the ESPN app. Future may be bright for Kmet in this Chicago Bears offense with a growing rookie QB, but cut Kmet in your redraft leagues until it is convincing he is a top 15-20 player for fantasy football.