Chicago Bears: These 10 facts could prove to doom Matt Nagy

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There is never a boring moment as a fan of the Chicago Bears. Over the years, Chicago has seen their share of bad quarterbacks, good defenses and awful head coaches. One of the trends looked as though it would change this year with Chicago drafting Justin Fields.

While the Bears have a pretty good defense and an offense that should be, at least, competitive, it’s been that third aspect that has failed them.

Head coach Matt Nagy is still the same. He’s not an NFL head coach, and he’s proven it for three and a half years now. Before we know it, Nagy will end up fired. There are many reasons and facts that will doom Nagy, and they aren’t pretty.

We will kick it off with a couple of numbers from the Bears’ offense this year.

Above everything, Matt Nagy should be fired because Chicago Bears’ offense has been the worst in football in 2021

1. The Bears rank dead last in the NFL with 255 yards of offense per game

This number is especially putrid because of how well the Bears have run the football this season. Even though the team has dealt with a major injury to David Montgomery, along with Damien Williams missing some time, they continue to run the ball well. Khalil Herbert has picked up the slack and Chicago is averaging 131 rushing yards per game in 2021.

2. The Bears rank dead last in the NFL with 124 passing yards per game

Flip it over to the other half of the offense, and the passing game has been one of the worst in recent memory. The Bears’ 124 passing yards per game is 51 lower than John Fox’s last year with the team, and even back then in 2017, they finished last in football.

Nagy’s offense doesn’t work. He’s had a few quarterbacks to try it with now, and the end result continues to be the same. It’s a bad offense led by a bad head coach.