Chicago Bears: 3 Duds from Week 8 vs. 49ers

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Chicago Bears Week 8 Dud No. 3: Allen Robinson

I have always been a huge fan of Allen Robinson. He was brought in to be the Bears’ number one receiver in 2018 and he did not disappoint. For the last three years, he showed why he is a top receiver in the league and looked to be in line for a big payday from the Chicago Bears. Everyone expected him to create an unstoppable duo with Justin Fields for years to come. It is safe to say things have not gone to plan this year.

Robinson finished this game with three catches for 21 yards on only four targets. For a guy that wants around $20 million per year that is definitely not the level of production one would expect. It is not all his fault. He has not seen nearly the amount of targets he had been used to over the last few years with Justin Fields at quarterback, partly due to how well Fields and Darnell Mooney seem to be meshing. It also goes towards Robinson’s effort in his routes and how much he gives each play.

It has been noticeable how Robinson takes some plays off and just is not getting open the way he used to. While he usually is an every-down player, or mostly every down, he gets subbed out a lot as Mooney almost seems like the Bears WR1 this year.

Obviously, he is insanely talented and it would be nice to see Fields target such a safety blanket more often. Whatever is happening it seems like a real possibility that Robinson could be traded at the deadline next week since he has been a non-factor in the Bears offense this year.

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While losing a player of his caliber would hurt, trading Allen Robinson might make the most sense as he has fallen out of favor in the offense and it seems likely he would leave the Bears in the offseason.