Chicago Bears: 4 sneaky trade partners flying under the radar

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At 3-5, the Chicago Bears are closer to the offseason than they are in the playoffs at this point.

Fans have begun looking ahead, as the NFL trade deadline is set to pass on Tuesday, and the Bears could certainly be seen as a seller.

The rest of this season has to be all about developing Justin Fields, as much as this coaching staff can manage to do. Even though they will likely have a brand-new staff next season, it’s going to be about seeing Fields develop and figuring out what this team can be in future seasons.

If Chicago is smart, the organization will take full advantage of this year’s trade deadline. There are many contenders who will buy, but also a few teams that not many have connected with the Bears in terms of trade talks.

The Chicago Bears could strike a trade with the Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are 3-5 like the Bears but feel like a much more competitive team if they can figure some things out. Carson Wentz has been up and down this year, and the team will go as he goes.

Indianapolis could use a couple of pieces, namely at wide receiver and edge rusher. The Bears have two outstanding ones that could be available in Allen Robinson and Robert Quinn.

T.Y. Hilton’s health is never guaranteed, and Wentz needs another weapon he can count on other than Michael Pittman Jr.. Adding Robinson to that offense, which features the NFL’s second-leading rusher in Jonathan Taylor, would give them a big boost.

Additionally, adding Quinn to a defense that should have been much better on paper would give Indianapolis some much-needed pass rush.