Chicago Bears: 3 ways Ryan Pace can win at the trade deadline

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Chicago Bears, T.J. Hockenson
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Ryan Pace finds a way to bring in a franchise-changing player at trade deadline

I know I spoke about how Ryan Pace should not be too aggressive. However, I also mentioned that the reason I don’t want him being aggressive is that it is highly unlikely he is able to trade for a player that will stick around for years and be a game-changing presence. Trades like he made for Khalil Mack in 2018 rarely happen in the NFL — especially at the NFL trade deadline.

That said, if, and this is a very big if, Ryan Pace were able to somehow bring in a player that turns this franchise around quickly enough to push for a playoff spot, then I cannot call it a failure. The problem is, who is out there that the team could bring in who could really affect change here in the positive. Clearly, the move needs to be on the offensive side of the football. I still say this despite back-to-back games allowing 30+ points.

Would moving Allen Robinson while somehow bringing in a player to replace him that not only will be around beyond 2021 and also fits more with Justin Fields be a “win”? I’m not sure this player could even be. Maybe the Eagles and Bears swap receivers? Could Jalen Reagor find more success here in Chicago? He is a 2020 first-round pick who has not lived up to the likes of other 2020 first-round wide receivers.

Although within the same division, could the Bears bring in T.J. Hockenson? Hockenson would be a clear upgrade over Cole Kmet. He’s in his third season and the Lions have not amounted to much. Maybe they’d be willing to part with him for the right price? I’ll leave these negotiations up to Pace, but if he somehow pulls a move like this off, then I would say he “won” at the NFL trade deadline depending on what was given up.