Chicago Bears: 3 ways Ryan Pace can win at the trade deadline

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Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears sell assets without a future here

This is the most likely way for the Chicago Bears to win at the 2021 NFL trade deadline. This is also the way I and most fans are leaning when they think of the Bears organization making the right decisions. I know, the right decisions do not seem to happen too often for this team, but it doesn’t mean we cannot hope, right?

Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears should be looking towards the future since the team is not likely to make the playoffs this season. The Bears are already almost eliminated from taking the NFC North as they are four games behind the Packers. This means they’d have to once again make the playoffs with a Wild Card push and even that is not looking good as the team has less than a 10% chance of doing so.

With players like Allen Robinson, Akiem Hicks and Andy Dalton not sticking around for the 2022 season, it only makes sense to trade them now and get something in return. With how many players this team will need to add to the roster in 2022, there is no chance they come away with multiple if any, compensatory draft picks.

With only five draft picks for 2022, Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears should look to build around Justin Fields by adding more draft capital. Allen Robinson should be able to land a third-round pick, even though he’s only a half-season rental player. Akiem Hicks should bring back a fifth-rounder and I’d expect Andy Dalton could see a similar return. If Pace can sell some of these assets who will not be back in 2022 for 2022 draft picks — even mid-to-late rounders — that would be a win.