Chicago Bears: 3 ways Ryan Pace can win at the trade deadline

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Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears sell assets who have poor contracts

There are a few players on the roster who have some rough contracts when it comes to trading them. These include Nick Foles, Robert Quinn and Eddie Jackson. If the Chicago Bears are able to move one or more of these players in a trade, it should be considered a win if the return is enough.

We just saw a 32-year-old, injury-plagued Von Miller be traded to the Los Angeles Rams for a second and third-round draft pick. Now, the situation is different contractually as the Broncos were able to eat over $9 million of Miller’s contract this season, allowing the Rams to essentially rent Miller for half a season for free. The Chicago Bears do not have this luxury as they sit with just over $3 million in salary cap space.

That said if a team like the Dallas Cowboys (who is familiar with Robert Quinn) calls to see what it would take for Quinn, I’d be jumping for joy if Pace was able to move on from Quinn for say a 2022 mid-round and a 2023 late-round pick. Let’s call it a fourth and a fifth. I don’t hate the idea of Quinn returning in 2022 as he’s shown he can play now that he’s healthy. Quinn and Mack on the roster still make the team better next year if the front office finds a way to improve the offense.

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Nick Foles is another example. If he is somehow able to be moved (his contract is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be or close to as bad as Quinn’s to a team like the New Orleans Saints or even the Jets despite Zach Wilson not heading to injured reserve at this point. Maybe a return to Philadelphia? Wherever, if Pace is able to make something happen — hard to imagine since it hasn’t happened yet — then it would be a “win” — even if for a late-round draft pick.