Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 8

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Chicago Bears, Sean Desai
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Chicago Bears Disappointing [Member] No. 2: Sean Desai

Now, this one kinda hurts.

Sean Desai is a coach that I think could be very talented on the defensive side of the ball. However, this week might’ve shown that maybe he’s as good as the players that play for him.

Now, it’s maybe to be expected that the Packers and Buccaneers will have success against a defense that isn’t No.1 in the NFL. With that, the San Francisco 49ers should not, and I repeat not, be able to accumulate 467 yards on this defense — with or without Khalil Mack.

Not only did Desai not have an answer for the 49ers’ offense, but not once did a drive for the 49ers end in a punt. Not a single time did the Chicago Bears make Kyle Shanahan bring his punt unit out. Granted, Joey Slye didn’t have the best of games as a kicker, but for a defense that’s only a few years out of being atop the NFL, it’s inexcusable, and it’s showing how the coach prepared his unit.

With Desai out of the way now, it’s time for the third and final most disappointing player of the week.