Chicago Bears: 4 hot takes on Justin Fields, Nick Foles, and more

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears Hot Take No.1: They still have a shot at the playoffs

Can the Bears still make the playoffs after their playoff three-game skid?

There are seven playoff spots per conference, and as the NFC stands right now, there are five teams we know are good: The Cowboys, Packers, Buccaneers, Rams, and Cardinals. I would’ve included the Saints, but it’s hard for them to be considered a playoff lock when they will play the second half of the season with a backup quarterback. Even if the Saints make it, that still leaves a spot open for another team.

Who could be the seventh seed?

If the Bears are going to make the playoffs this year, it would have to be as the six or seven seed. Outside of the six teams previously mentioned, the NFC is wide open. The Panthers, Vikings, Seahawks, 49ers, and Bears are all within reach of the third wild card spot.

The Bears schedule is difficult 

One of the main obstacles that stand in the Bears’ way is a tough schedule. They have already endured one of the most challenging schedules through eight games and still have to play the Ravens, Cardinals, Seahawks (presumably with Russell Wilson), and Packers. The Bears will likely be sizable underdogs in all of those games, and even if they win all of them, that would put them at 8-9 for the year.

Bottom line

The third wild card spot gives the Bears a bit more leeway, but that still may not be enough this year. The Bears are already in a bad spot, and their upcoming schedule does them no favors.