Chicago Bears: 4 hot takes on Justin Fields, Nick Foles, and more

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Chicago Bears Hot Take No. 4: Jesse James has been the best TE lately

Has Jesse James been the Bears’ best Tight End the last two weeks?

First and foremost, this isn’t meant to be a compliment towards Jesse James as much as a jab at the other tight ends of the Bears roster, specifically Cole Kmet. In the last couple of weeks, Jesse James has emerged in the Bears’ offense and has made the most of his opportunities, which isn’t something you can say about all the other Chicago tight ends.

I don’t know if James has truly been better than Kmet these last two games, but the fact we can even discuss this is very concerning for a player that was the first tight end taken in his draft class. There has just been very little from Kmet this season that would suggest he’s growing as a player.

When the Bears go out of their way to get him targets, he’s more productive, but that can be said about any pass-catcher ever, and if the team can give some of his targets to a late free-agent signing and there is no noticeable drop off in play from that position, that isn’t a good thing.

Cole Kmet doesn’t do anything special 

The reason I’m pessimistic about Kmet’s career outlook is exactly why I didn’t like him going into the 2020 draft; I just don’t see anything about it that is overly special. He has ok hands, good not great athleticism doesn’t get much separation, and is a physical but not very effective blocker. It’s not that Kmet hasn’t developed into an elite tight end in year two that’s worrisome; it’s that he may not have the skills and tools to ever make that jump.

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Bottom line

Jesse James has been very solid the last couple of weeks, but the fact he is getting a decent amount of snaps goes to show the Bears’ current Tight End situation and also the connection Justin Fields has with him.