3 bad signs for Chicago Bears Justin Fields at Steelers

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2. Steelers get pressure, Justin Fields struggles

It is probably no surprise to anyone, but Justin Fields has been the worst quarterback under pressure in the NFL this season. The ability to get the ball out quickly and under duress was what caused Fields to slip in the draft, so it should have been expected this would happen during his rookie season.

Still, he has a 23.9 passer rating under pressure. His passer rating drops 56.8 points when pressure comes, which is right with Ben Roethlisberger, who drops 59 points under pressure. Roethlisberger is just worse than Fields from a clean pocket.

Still, the Steelers may struggle if Robert Quinn can get home, but it is almost a lock that the Steelers will get home. Currently, the Steelers rank third in the NFL in pressure rate. Even more wild is that they rank 26th in blitz rate. They rely on getting home with four and do it better than anyone else.

The Cleveland Browns currently rank fifth in pressure rate, and they are the highest-rated team the Bears have played to date. We saw how that game went. One argument can be made that Fields now has a shot to progress after a disaster against Cleveland. The other argument is that this could be worse than Cleveland because Pittsburgh gets home even more.